Unified Communications Solves Mobility Challenges for Businesses

There is no doubt that mobility is at the forefront of communications and a priority for business leaders. According to an Accenture report on mobility, over 75% of nearly 15,000 C-Level executives from 14 countries see mobility as their top priority in the workplace. The benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Mobile Application Management advances allow businesses to expand outside the traditional office space - lowering overhead costs and improving customer service.

Check out this insightful webinar with Digium’s marketing and VoIP expert, Brian Ferguson. Learn how integrating a productive mobile workforce can strengthen both internal and external communications to drive more revenue and improve customer service. This webinar will cover many of the challenges and benefits for mobility in the workplace including:
  • Ensuring company information is secure and that applications work across multiple platforms with BYOD
  • Providing a clear separation of business and personal boundaries on mobile devices
  • Assisting management with productivity metrics and the ability to pull reports
  • Providing mobile workers with the same communications experience as employees in the office
  • Offering employees real-time visible status of workers inside and outside the office
  • Discovering how Switchvox UC can strengthen communications in the workplace
Watch now and find out how you can leverage the power of mobility with the Switchvox Unified Communications solution.
Watch the webcast now.