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Top 5 Reasons to Virtualize Your Phone System

IT environments large and small are facing a sweeping set of challenges and changes. Gone are the days of setting up a single server per business application, or having to manage excessive racks of server equipment. The movement from physical servers to virtual servers is escalating at a tremendous pace, particularly with small and mid-size business (SMBs) now realizing the benefits of virtualization brought forth by top-named providers like: Citrix®, Microsoft® and VMware®. One area that has been slow to get adopted into virtualized environments is legacy, hardware-driven business phone systems.

In this guide, discover the top 5 reasons why now is a great time to consider virtualizing your Unified Communications (UC) solution. You'll learn:
  • What virtualization means for SMBs.
  • Advantages of moving towards software-based products
  • Benefits of virtualizing your advanced communications solution
  • Value of transitioning a legacy phone system to a virtual environment
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