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Streamlining Communications for Government Offices & Municipalities

With a modern Unified Communications (UC) solution, government agencies can leave behind legacy phone systems and optimize their time, resources, and budget to better collaborate and serve the community.

In this guide, Switchvox for Government Agencies, you’ll learn how the features of Switchvox can address the problems commonly faced by those serving in the public sector. Switchvox, Sangoma’s fully-featured UC solution, can:

  • Help government agencies stay within strict public budgets thanks to a unique “All Features Included” pricing model.
  • Simplify implementation and employee training for IT staff with a solution that is easy to install, maintain, and learn.
  • Improve customer service and boost productivity with intuitive, easy-to-use communication tools.
  • Enhance teleworking and mobility options for remote, office, and field employees.
Download the free guide now, and discover how Switchvox can revolutionize your government agency!