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Find out why Switchvox is the best choice for schools.

Educational institutions face challenging and unique problems everyday, and there is no tool more important for success than a high quality, flexible communications system. A modern Unified Communications (UC) system can create safer, more efficient, more organized, and more productive classrooms, lunchrooms, dorms, and libraries with robust feature sets that benefit every role on campus.

In this guide, Switchvox for Education, you’ll learn how the features of Switchvox can solve the unique problems that most teachers, school administrators and IT staffs face today. You’ll see how Switchvox, the award-winning best value in UC, can:

  • Give your school several affordable deployment options to keep you under budget.
  • Provide robust communications tools for every staff member that are extremely easy to use.
  • Deliver features that can instantly improve the safety and security of your campus environment.

Download the Switchvox for Education Guide now, and see how Switchvox can change the way your school communicates.