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Over the next few years, analysts predict a seismic shift in the U.S. workforce, with mobile workers outnumbering traditional office-based workers by a ratio of three to one. This raises an interesting question: If your employees don’t need to be in the office, does it still make sense to keep your technology there?

Hosted vs. Premise-Based Communications

  • Which Costs More?
  • Which is More Convenient?
  • Which Has the Best Features?
  • Which is More Secure?
  • Which Offers Better Quality?

About Sangoma

Sangoma Technologies is a trusted leader in delivering value-based Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, OEMs and Carriers in over 150 countries worldwide. Sangoma’s scalable offerings include both on-premise and cloud-based phone systems, telephony services and industry leading Voice-Over-IP solutions, which together provide seamless connectivity between traditional infrastructure and new technologies.

Through its worldwide network of distribution partners, Sangoma delivers the highest quality products, some of which carry the industry’s first lifetime warranty, all at cost effective prices. Sangoma’s latest innovations and expanded product portfolio include technology and appliances such as on-premise and cloud-based PBX solutions, a full range of Sangoma IP Phones, SBCs, VoIP Gateways, telephony cards and SIP Trunking with SIPStation.