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Webinar: Multi-line SIP Trunk Security with Session Border Controllers

Standard SIP PBXs do not support connectivity to Multi-Line SIP Trunk. Sangoma’s award-winning SBCs are certified with Telecom Malaysia’s Multi-line SIP and can help customers to connect Multi SIP to their PBX.

This webinar focuses on VoIP protection and discusses the security benefits of an SBC.

  • Are you opening ports on the corporate firewall to allow remote workers access to your PBX?
  • Has your customer’s PBX system been compromised in the past?
  • Has your customer been a victim of toll fraud?

By the end of the webinar, you will have a complete picture of how an SBC enhances VoIP protection and how it is the solution for the above, and may more VoIP attacks out there in the wild.

Register today and attend on the 16th of October