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Benefits of Cloud UC for SMBs

Awareness around unified communications (UC) is increasing. Each day, more and more companies are taking a step towards unified communications by deploying either an on-premise or a cloud-based IP PBX in their company. UC solutions are becoming more affordable to small business owners. The SaaS model and monthly subscription plans are taking away the burden of one-time-investment from the organizations. But is UC required for an SMB, and is it worth the investment?

Why Cloud:

  • Customers want flexibility, productivity, simplicity, and affordability
  • Reseller advantages include recurring revenue, stability and the absence of hardware headaches.



Lauren Ruff

Cloud Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

Lauren manages our Cloud Sales in the UK and Ireland. After 16 years in sales, her expertise is in communicating with resellers/customers to help them with product knowledge, projects, and quotations.